Meet the Folks


email: brian.buma


Brian Buma
Ph.D. University of Colorado
Assistant Professor of Quantitative Biology, University of Colorado
Affiliate Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Affiliate Professor, University of Alaska Southeast


Gavin McNicol

Postdoctoral Scholar, Coastal Margins RCN

Research on carbon cycling and distribution in coastal forests.

BS University of Sterling
PhD University of California, Berkeley
Postdoctoral Fellow University of Hawaii, Manoa

Katherine Hayes

PhD Student

Boreal forest fire dynamics, carbon, and resilience

BS University of Wisconsin
MS University of Oregon

Kyle Turchick

MS Student

Landslides, wind, and carbon

Lara Duran

MIS student

Fires, regeneration, and remote sensing

Former Members

Gretchyn O'Donnell

Undergraduate Intern

Field work, forest monitoring
Soil science and community engagement

Hoonah Native Forestry Partnership



John Krapek
BA. University of Wisconsin Madison
M.S. graduate student (defended Fall 2016)
Research:  Yellow cedar distribution, ecology, and management





Danny Cooper
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Field work, weather data processing, dendrochronology


Chris Salazar
Undergraduate Intern
Field work, forest monitoring
Hoonah Community Forest Project

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