Earth is so huge, and yet so bounded
pools of salt, and plots of land -
shallow skin of green and azure -
chains of mountains, grains of sand!
— Alfred, Lord Tennyson

To be complete, research needs two things: Getting the word out (publishing) and somebody taking action on the research.  That can be in the form of further research, as in the theoretical work that we've done, or practically, applying lessons learned to community or regional interests.  Our group is closely integrated with landowners, industry, and management to best integrate the relationships we're discovering with local needs.  Below are only a few examples.  If you'd like to get involved or hear more, head to the contact page.

One of our best ongoing partnerships is with the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program, ANSEP.  This longitudinal program is a way to get local students involved in science from grade school through college.  If you're interested, contact Brian or ANSEP directly.

Sealaska is a frequent partner in proposals and projects around southeast.  They are the largest land manager who actively manages their forests in the region, and as such are key in any active management research in the area.

The Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center (US Forest Service) runs an excellent series of talks throughout the winter for Juneau residents.  Whenever we can, we present ongoing research - John Krapek gave an excellent seminar recently, and more is coming Spring 2018.


The Juneau Urban Forestry Partnership is a small organization devoted to trees in the capital city.  They also put on many Arbor Day festivities - come catch us in May, when I'll be giving a talk on rare populations of cedar and subalpine fir around town.

In addition to the community partners, we are heavily involved in professional organizations, such as the US-International Association for Landscape Ecology, where I'm an executive board member.  This organization is devoted to research at the landscape scale which is relevant to ecology, policy, and land management.  The 2016 meeting was in Asheville, NC, and the 2017 will be in Baltimore.  Hope to see you there.