Lack of posts - sorry

A distinct lack of posts lately - the spring semester got busy, and then fieldwork took over. Since last posting (in February!!) there has been several new things:

New graduate students joining the lab - Arthur Link and Annelise Rue-Johns. Both are working on cedar and climate adaptation, but at distinctly different scales - from 20 degrees of latitude to lab work.

New publications - 5 of them. Nature Sustainability, Ecology, Ecology and Evolution, etc. See publication page for citations and links.

Fieldwork - Alaska is on fire (literally). Kate and Kyle were working hard all summer digging around southeast and central AK on different disturbance projects. More pictures soon.

REU students - I received a grant to host two REU students, who did amazing work in interior AK on soil and permafrost issues. Kristin Olsen and Vishnu Kodicherla - see their posters at AGU this fall.

Filming - we did quite a bit of filming in interior AK for educational materials this fall. Great stuff. Again, more soon…