New publication (3 of 4): What does resilience to fires really mean? A socio-ecological perspective

In mid 2018 I had the pleasure of attending a JFSP sponsored workshop that brought together half ecologists, half social scientists to talk about what resilience to fire really means in a truly linked perspective. It was fascinating. I believe we spent a full day arguing before we realized our basic definitions of what resilience actually means (bouncing back to the same state? adapting to new realities?)! It was highly instructive, and out of it came a really valuable way to think about resilience, adaptability, and dealing with (or avoiding change). I think it does an excellent job of bringing choice into our discussions of dealing with climate change, and brings a sense of agency back to ecological management discussions.

Higuera P, Metcalf A, Miller C, Buma B, McWethy D, Metcalf E, Ratajczak Z, Nelson C, Chaffin B, Stedman R, McCaffrey S, Schoennagel T, Harvey B, Hood S, Schultz C, Black A, Campbell D, Haggerty J, Keane R, Krawchuk M, Kulig J, Rafferty R, Virapongse A. 2019. Integrating subjective and objective dimensions of resilience in fire-prone landscapes. BioScience.  In press.