New publication (2 of 4): Emerging freeze and fire dynamics in temperate rainforests

Having just been in southern Chile for so long, I was struck how similar southern and southwestern Tierra del Fuego and the archipelagos are to southeast Alaska. Peat bogs (turbols), low treeline, and low evapotranspiration dominate, as does a general lack of fire (wind and landslides rule here).

Recently, a group of colleagues and I published a paper comparing the emerging changes in both regions, comparing and contrasting fire and snow dynamics in both areas as potential future stressors for forests. There’s a lot that can be learned from each area - snow loss up in the north, the emergence of fire in the south. Both areas are moving in the same direction, but in different ways, so a comparative approach is extremely valuable.

Buma B, Battelori E, Bisbing S, Holz A, Hennon PE, Mortiz M, Saunders SE, Creutzburg MK, DellaSala DA, Gregovich D, Krapek J, Zaret K, Bidlack A. Emerging freeze and fire dynamics in temperate rainforests. Austral Ecology. In press.