New publication - linking neoecology and paleoecology

One of the most fun groups I’ve worked with over the past several years is the NSF RCN Novus network (, a group that has tried to get together “neo” disturbance ecologists - those of us working in the short term, doing fieldwork in disturbed areas, all that - with paleo ecologists. It’s been fun trying to reconcile perspectives and come up with ways to ask interesting questions across timescales.

A new perspectives paper was just accepted in Landscape Ecology where we look at mixing the mechanistic understandings of neo ecology with the deeper time perspective of paleo, and suggest ways to strategically link the two. I think it’s interesting because it’s not talking about individuals - it’s suggesting ways to collaborate strategically and create study designs collaboratively. Not a “tack the paleo on” for a new perspective, but rather to deeply integrate it into the conceptual/proposal stage.

Buma B, Harvey B, Gavin D, Kelly R, Loboda T, McNeil B, Marlon J, Meddens AJH, Morris JL, Raffa K, Shuman B, Smithwick E, McLauchlan K.  The value of linking short and long-term perspectives to understand spatially-explicit ecosystem resilience. Landscape Ecology. In press.