New publication - How global temperate forests change

A new publication, led by Andreas Sommerfeld, is coming out in Nature Communications. In this paper, we looked at 50 forested areas worldwide via high resolution satellite imagery to see what their rates of disturbance were, what the main causes were, and if how those disturbance processes changed as a function of climate. It’s truly a unique look at what drives forest change (fires, wind, landslides, etc), where, and when - and how it might respond to climate change.

Sommerfeld A, Senf C, Buma B, D’Amato AW, Despres T, Diaz-Hormazabal, Fraver S, Frelich LE, Gutierrez AG, Hart SJ, Harvey BJ, He HS, Hlasny T, Holz A, Kitzberger T, Kulakowski D, Lindenmeyer D, Mori AS, Muller J, Paritsis J, Perry GLW, Stephens S, Svoboda M, Tuner MG, Veblen TT, Seidl R.   Patterns and drivers of recent disturbances across the temperate forest biome.  Nature Communications.  In press.

50 total landscapes, from southeast Alaska to New Zealand.