NSF RCN on Coastal Margins Annual Meeting: Jan 30-Feb 3, 2018

The NSF RCN coordinated through our lab, the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center, and the University of Washington is having its annual meeting this week.  The focus is from an "end user" perspective, so we're taking the aquatic flux information from the first meeting, the terrestrial carbon products that we've been working on, and then focusing on where that material ends up - the ocean.

During this second workshop we will bring together a select group of oceanographers, biogeochemists, biologists, modellers and others interested in processes occurring at the land-sea interface in temperate regions. Although the workshop will focus heavily on the Pacific Coast, our findings are expected to have applications to temperate coastal rainforest domains globally.

Through this multi-disciplinary forum we aim to evaluate the current state of the knowledge of the terrestrial-marine system in the PCTR with respect to five key topics:

  1. Physics – freshwater controls of coastal hydrodynamics;
  2. Biochemistry – micro and macronutrient subsidies and their bioavailability to marine ecosystems; carbonate chemistry;
  3. Food webs – contributions and pathways of freshwater & terrestrial subsidies to marine food webs;
  4. Estuaries – the land-sea interface and role of estuarine ecosystems in modifying terrestrial outputs;
  5. Drivers of change – e.g., land use and climate.

Each topic will be introduced by key speakers, followed by discussion to define scope, discuss the current state of knowledge, distill and summarize data gaps, and identify future research directions. Our goal is to solidify a scientific community and build a research agenda on processes acting across temperate rainforest coastal margins.

We should have at least one manuscript come out of this, and are having an extra day of writing - Saturday.  For more info, send me an email:   bbuma@alaska.edu or see the website (link at top of page).