Mendenhall Fireside Lecture

Edit:  This did not get posted on time, unfortunately.  Thanks to all that attended!  The lecture was live cast via Facebook, and should still be available (as are all the previous ones) on the Mendenhall Glacier Facebook page.

I will be giving the Mendenhall Lecture tonight, at the Glacier Visitor Center.  The talk will be on work in Glacier Bay related to the William S. Cooper successional plots, their inception back in 1916, and what we can learn from the longest running permanent plot network of its kind in the world.  Most of the talk will be about the expedition to find the plots - how old maps, notes, and pictures were utilized, the challenges of adjusting for changing declination and sealevels, and fun stuff like that!

Also note that over the next couple weeks there are some great talks by Liz Graham on pests in Alaskan forests (spruce beetle, spruce aphid, pine beetle) and a rare, but really interesting, alpine tsunami by Rick Edwards.  In the Heen Latinee, where my group has done considerable work, a very large rockfall-turned-debris slide crashed into an alpine lake, sending a huge wall of water splashing out the other side, ripping up the forest for miles down from the lake in a wide swath of disturbance, finally running out into Berners Bay as a large pulse of water.  Cool stuff!  With our lidar biomass maps, we are hoping to calculate the biomass loss from the event - next steps!