Glacier Bay: Now and then

As part of the expedition to re-find the 100 year old Cooper plots, we managed to take some historical landscape comparison pictures.  This wasn't the main objective, and there are lots more opportunities, but we did come across a few good shots en route to the plots.

Cross rock through the years, the "key location" for finding Q1-3.  It's now nearly impossible to see from more than about 3 m away.

Plots in Glacier Bay and some further landscape comparisons. Both are taken from near Q2, looking west.  Shots are from the identical location.  A was taken in 1941 (I believe), B in 2016.

Hugh Miller Inlet in 1941 and 2016.  Note the glacier in 1941 was near the island in 1916, and retreated considerably by the time the photo was taken.  It is not visible in 2016, only mudflats remain in the distance.