Talks at US-International Association for Landscape Ecology

If you're in Asheville NC for the US-IALE annual meeting, check out the following talks on some interesting work at a couple different scales:

Bisbing S, Buma B, Krapek J.  Microclimate drivers of decline and forest compositional shifts in yellow cedar forests of southeast Alaska.  3:20 on Monday, April 4th.  This is the first data to come out of our yellow cedar decline - salvage/management grant, and should be great.

Riitters K, Costanza JK, Buma B.  Modeling North American tree cover disturbance at multiple scales.  3:40 on Monday, April 4th.  This is a big-data approach (30m grain size, all of North America!) to scaling forest disturbances.  By looking at patterns of percent disturbed and disturbance contagion across multiple scales for the same points, we can get at patterns of disturbance that characterize systems.

Buma B, Riitters K, Costanza JK.  How big is a (complete) disturbance landscape?  9:40 on Tuesday April 5th.  Similar to the Riiters et al. presentation, these results demonstrate how large a study extent needs to be to minimize variance between sites within an ecoregion.  It's a practical problem (conservation and experimental design) - how large an area represents the region in terms of forest disturbance.  Also 30m for all of North America, it's another big data exploration, and pretty interesting/useful.