Coastal temperate rainforest Research Coordination Network now active

It's official, there's a new NSF funded RCN focusing on the coastal margin that is the North Pacific Temperate Rainforest biome.  PI's are Allison Bidlack and myself from the University of Alaska and David Butman of the University of Washington.

This is the first RCN truly focused on the entire region, with a special emphasis on cross-boundary work.  We're coordinating closely with BC forests and the Hakai Institute, another long-term ecological research site being set up on the BC coast.  The steering committee includes people strung all the way up the coast, from northern California to Anchorage, Alaska - a true cross-boundary and biome-wide network.  We're quite excited.

The network will host meetings every year on different themes related to the region and biome.  Each meeting will build on the next.  The first focuses on the movement of carbon from terrestrial to marine systems, highlighting the role of hydrology in materials transport.  The next year will focus on DOC and particulate/larger C in the soils themselves.  From there we move to the forests that ultimately supply much of the C.  

We focused on building a network.  It's such a great opportunity - a biome which spans ~18 degrees of latitude, several thousand kilometers, with consistent species and a near consistent climate.  A great lab for looking at differential effects of climate change, as things get wetter in the north and drier in the south, as fire regimes change or don't, etc.  

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Coastal rainforest along the Olympic coast in Washington State