Kramer Memorial Internship applications due Dec 1

For those interested in learning about integrated forest community restoration and management, the Kramer Memorial Internship program applications for Summer 2017 are due Dec. 1 (send to

The program is entering its second year and pays $6000 for a 10 week stint working with Sustainable Southeast in Hoonah, Alaska, with the Native village corporation to design an integrated wildlife, vegetation, salmon, and forest management and restoration plan via the Hoonah Native Forest Partnership.  The actual duties are flexible depending on the applicant, but for a taste of what happened last year...

A variety of other images from the experience are available at:

Chris (last year's intern) had an incredible time learning the ropes of southeast plant communities, how to electroshock fish, and how to map roads and culverts to ensure safe salmon habitat.  It is difficult to find an experience which is as variable and a project which is more holistic in its approach to landscape management.  A truly unique opportunity.

The program is open to all students (not just UA students).