Where the red tree grows (or doesn't)

It's wet in rainforests.

We've wrapped up preliminary fieldwork for the climate-induced mortality + harvest interaction study, and are all prepped for the second stage.  In this study, funded by the USFS, we are looking at regeneration and forest composition in areas of intense yellow-cedar decline.  These are areas where mortality, induced by the warming climate, has occurred over the past several decades.  They are also slated to be harvested.  We've set up plots in areas that are going to be cut, and paired them with similar areas outside the cut locations, where we will track differential regeneration patterns.  

Photo:  Sarah Bisbing

We're also planting western redcedar in these areas post-harvest to begin a long-term experiment on management-aided climate adaptation.  If yellow-cedar is no longer viable, redcedar, which occupies a similar niche, may function similarly.  Redcedar is also likely expanding north, reaching it's range edge right about where we're studying yellow cedar mortality - so ecological pattern and managerial interest are combining.