International Association of Landscape Ecology - new policy group

Landscape ecologists investigate the interaction between human activities and the environment at many scales, from local to global. Landscape ecology thus offers critical and relevant information to policy makers, from municipalities to the United Nations, on many of the most critical policy issues of our time, including land use, air and water pollution, invasive species, and climate change. However, most policymakers and practitioners have little awareness of how insights from landscape ecology can improve policy development and implementation, chiefly because this knowledge is not easily accessible to them. 

Landscape ecologists should be seen as a valuable resource for policy makers, and should endeavor to more fully collaborate with policy makers to ensure that information provided by researchers conforms to the needs and goals of policy makers. However, most researchers are typically not trained to provide guidance to policymakers and practitioners in a format they can use. The Policy Working Group promotes access to landscape ecology research findings for policymakers and practitioners.

The new group (chaired by Audrey Meyer) is now official.  We're running a policy symposium at the next US-IALE meeting in 2017 (Baltimore) and hope you all can attend.

See the webpage here: