NSF Research Coordination Network funded - Coastal forests, margins, and fluxes

A new RCN has been recommended for funding, centered around the largest example of temperate rainforests in the world, the north Pacific coast, stretching from northern California to southcentral Alaska.  Formally, it is called the "Coastal Rainforest Margins Research Network - understanding materials flux in linked terrestrial and marine ecosystems in the face of climate change."  

We hope this network will bring together students, professionals, and academics in integrating across borders and disciplines.  The goal is to unify the various disciplines which work in this amazing area but don't necessarily integrate well, like terrestrial biogeochemists and nearshore marine ecologists.  The area has immense fluxes of water, transporting material and energy at substantial rates and huge volumes.  So there's a lot to learn.  More details to follow.


Photo:  Sarah Bisbing