The "Cat Trail" yellow cedar stand

The ongoing yellow cedar mapping project has focused on a smallish stand north of Juneau, a little over a hectare.  It's a new one (John discovered this one), and quite beautiful, with relatively large cedars and rapid recent growth.  The stand is located near an old bulldozer trail cut in the early 1900's by a guy who thought "Shoot, easier to drive a Cat through [literally] the peninsula then around it."  At least that's my interpretation.  The tracks are still visible in places (a century later), and the track is quite the linear scar across the landscape.

But to the stand:  A beautiful place. 

Top row:  Canopy of mixed conifers.  A cedar seedling poking up through the moss layer.  Several seedlings (mostly first year germinants) marked with flagging.  John and Danny mapping a tree before starting to map those little seedlings.

Bottom row:  A nice cedar sprig - the cedars are very healthy for the most part, but the lack of a sapling cohort is troubling - we only find large trees and germinants (for the most part).  Menziesia foliage, a very beautiful shrub (the tops of the leaves are bluish grey) but quite annoying when trying to work in these areas.