Yellow cedar stand mapping

A small shout out to John, who has been working exceedingly hard this summer mapping stands around Juneau...

Yellow cedar, as you probably know from earlier posts, is potentially going to be listed as endangered, and certainly isn't doing too hot in much of it's range.  But around Juneau, it's expanding.  John, as part of his Masters degree, is working on finding the true edge of yellow cedar and figuring out why it is where it is, where it's expanding fastest, and perhaps what can improve the conservation outlook of this species in the face of climate change.

He's made some amazing maps of the stands, but I wanted to highlight the stem mapping, which is providing enormous geospatial and geographic information regarding community dynamics, abiotic and biotic controls on spread, and demography.  Truly great stuff, and we should learn quite a bit from this effort.

One of the advance, founder populations of yellow cedar around Juneau.  This is one of the larger ones, and there are some interesting spatial interactions and dynamics in play around the edges controlling how this population grows (or doesn't).