International Association for Landscape Ecology- World Congress

We're back from an excellent World Congress.  The meeting was great (thanks to the organizing committee) - and our special session went exceedingly well.  I was a bit stressed, as an organizer always is, but shouldn't have worried.  The special session was organized around "Temperate rainforest dynamics around the world" and we heard presentations on how climate change is influencing these unique forests from a variety of perspectives and scales.

Dominik DellaSalla gave a nice introduction to the characteristics of these forests (quite important, given the size of the crowd and many people's unfamiliarity with the distribution of this biome).  Andres Holz (PSU) told a great story about climate reconstructions and the emerging fire regimes of Valdivia.  Then we heard from Sari Saunders (BC forests) and Paul Hennon (USFS) on emerging decline issues in southeast Alaska and BC.

I gave a short talk on my broad scale geospatial analysis of disturbance and expansion we recently published in Global Change Biology, and John Krapek gave a great presentation on the dynamics and spatial patterns of yellow cedar expansion in our area.  Sarah Bisbing (Cal Poly) talked about her really interesting shore pine experiments in Cali, AK, and Colorado, and Megan Cruetzburg finished us off with a fascinating modeling experiment on Oregon forests, fire, and management.

We had set aside time afterwards for discussion, and I was gratified that so many people from the audience stayed.  We drafted a manuscript outline, and should have our planned review submitted in a few months.  Thanks again for all who participated and attended!