Novus scientist exchange: Back to Colorado

I recently returned from an excellent visit to Dr. Barnes lab at Colorado College, partially sponsored by the Novus NSF RCN Scientist Exchange program.  We set up some great plots in the Hayman Fire (2002) where Dr. Barnes and her students will measure carbon (C) and charcoal/black carbon following methods identical to our 2014 Ecosystems paper.  This will allow for some great comparisons between higher elevation/higher biomass spruce-fir forests and lower elevation/lower biomass ponderosae forests, both of which burned quite hot.  And even better, Dr. Barnes is monitoring C export in the watersheds we measured, allowing for simultaneous estimate of both stocks and fluxes.  This is something I wanted to do in the Routt but the streams are more rivers...  so it wasn't feasible.

We also made it back to the Routt to collect soils from some incubations on our long term plots in the Hinman blowdown-fire-logging interaction area.  That was fun - it's amazing how much the area has changed in just a couple years.  Most of the dead trees have fallen, and all the lodgepole have cones on them now (when I left, only one or two did).  They've grown considerably, and the forest is recovering beautifully (in the burned only areas, anyway).