New grant and project - yellow cedar mortality and the ecology of salvage logging

Together with Dr. Allison Bidlack of the Alaska Coastal Rainforest, we now have a project looking at how yellow cedar decline (a massive wave of mortality which has killed over 250,000 ha of yellow cedar forests in southeast Alaska and BC) impacts succesional trajectories, soil, wildlife landscape use, and carbon stocks.  We're not only going to look at the local effects, but also the effects of proposed salvage logging - by partnering with economists and local land managers who are salvaging the dead stems for local industry.  

After the salvage, we will partner with Sealaska, a regional Native corporation, to plant western redcedar, a similar ecological species and one that might be a candidate for assisted migration into decline areas, given that yellow cedar mortality is apparently caused by the warming climate.

Work will be done near Kake, Alaska in summer 2015 and 2016.