AGU presentations = Good times.

There are three presentations detailing recent work done by us and collaborators, some from Colorado and one detailing some exciting national scale forest disturbance/water supply work:

Buma and Livneh.  Quantifying the Sensitivity of Water Yield to Forest Disturbances across a Diverse Set of Unmanaged Watersheds throughout the United States.  2:10-2:25, Monday 14 December.  Moscone West 3020.   This is pretty cool stuff, looking at a continental scale - 670+ watersheds were involved, and we explored why some watersheds produce more water after a disturbance, and some less.  It's relevant to anybody interested in water supplies and forest dynamics.

Livneh B., Deems J., Buma B., Barsugli J., Schneider D., Molotch N., Wessman CA., Wolter, K.  Hydrologic impacts of land cover disturbances in the Upper Colorado River Basin.  9:00-9:15, Tuesday 15 December.  Moscone West 3002.  This is a more detailed exploration of the interaction between water and forest change, a more detailed look at a few watersheds.

Barnes B., Buma B., Wolf K., Elwood KK., Fehsenfeld T., Kehlenbeck M.  After the Burn:  Forest Carbon Stocks and Fluxes across Disturbed Landscapes in Colorado, USA.  Monday, 14 December, Moscone South Poster Hall.  This poster explores similarities and differences between severe wildfires in montane and subalpine forests in terms of carbon, and is quite complete - looking at bioavailability of C for respirational losses, aquatic export, and surviving stocks.  Fascinating stuff with lots of future threads to follow.