New publications

A couple new publications. 

Our work on forest fires and charcoal storage will be featured in Ecosystems.  It's a cool story- we explore how wind, fire, and salvage logging interact to alter the carbon and charcoal balance in the disturbed ecosystem.  Charcoal is interesting for a couple reasons.  First, it's quite recalcitrant, meaning it'll stick around a while, keeping that dead material out of the atmosphere.  Second, it affects soil fertility, as charcoal can hold onto various nutrients and biogeochemical species for quite some time. 

The second publication is a response/rebuttal to another publication, a provides a nice outline of the post-glacial establishment of tree species in the Pacific Northwest.  I come at it from a disturbance perspective- how the forest colonized that new land, how disturbance frequency alters species migrations, etc.  My coauthors come at it from a paleo botanical perspective, a phylogenetic background, and some interesting natural history approaches.  Good stuff.  The full review is in prep.