Disturbances and biogeochemistry

Big collaborative project, now published in BioScience.  What are the implications of disturbance a year post-event?  A decade?  A millennium?  And how can we link the concepts and theory associated with each of those timescales?

Checkout the Novus network:  http://novusrcn.wordpress.com/

I've had the great privilege to work with them (and continue to, next meeting in September 2014).  The first publication of the network is here: http://bioscience.oxfordjournals.org/content/64/2/105

McLauchlan, K.K., P.E. Higuera, D.G. Gavin, S.S. Perakis, M.M. Mack, H. Alexander, J. Battles, F. Biondi, B. Buma, D. Colombaroli, S.K. Enders, D.R. Engstrom, F.S. Hu, J. Marlon, J. Marshall, M. McGlone, J. Morris, L. Nave, B.N. Shuman, E.A.H. Smithwick, D. Urrego, D. Wardle, C. Williams, and J.J. Williams. 2013. Reconstructing disturbances and their biogeochemical consequences over multiple timescales. BioScience.  Available online:  doi: 10.1093/biosci/bit017